Indian Handicrafts are amongst the oldest traditions in the world and it is no secret that handicrafts works from India are the best among the arts and crafts there is in the world. The industry reflects the dignity, beauty, creativity, culture and skills of local population and hence the country, that is India.

Indian artisans are most talented and creative people in the world and they use varieties of objects and materials normally found in their villages and closer to home thereby giving unique characteristics to the crafts that they produce and normally their village name is associated to the arts and crafts they produce. This has been well recognized by the world and most handicrafts products have “Geographic Indentification” (GI) tag associated with them.

Indian hadicrafts are as diverse as it’s people, langauges and foods. However, they can be loosely grouped under Paintings, Stone works, Wood works and Metal Works.

Paintings : Since the time of pre-historic and time before languages were borne, human beings have expressed their thoughts and feelings with paintings. Indian paintings have brought alive the stories of “Gods and Mortals”, “Rulers and Ruled”, Kings and Commons” with every stroke of a brush. Tanjore Paintings, Miniature Paitings, Silk Paintings, Glass Paintings, Marble Paintings, Madhubani Paintings are some examples of this art work.

Stone Crafts : Towering temples and monuments stand testament to the stone work of Indian craftsmen and sculptures. The shilpis have been famous for conceptualizing the intricate patterns and designs that were crafted into the temples across India. This expression of art, taking a chunk of stone and turning it into a life-like statues have found its way into people’s home as intricately crafted brass and bronze statues. It is a fair statement that the brass and bronze metal workers were inspired by the stone craftsmen and scultpors who helped create beautiful temples dotting across Indian landscape.

Wood Crafts : This is an artform that was borne out as an utilitarian and has since evolved into being used as decorative home decors. The range of utilitarian products and decorative pieces made from Indian wood is immense. Indian wood crafts is well renowned for its items like carved figurines, furniture and accessories, windows, doors, boxes, decorative pieces, utensils, panels, beads etc. made from rosewood and sandal wood.

Metal Crafts : Some of the metal casting techniques that are currently used in India has been around for over 4000 years. Artisans use metals like Zinc, coppper, brass, silver and gold to bring objects with intricate patterns and designs to life. Some of the traditional metal crafts styles are “Bidri” (from the Indian city of Bidar), Dhokra ( metal smiths are from West bengal and uses lost wax cating technique), Bastar (region in Indian state of Chhattisgarh) etc. is an online commerce site whose objective is to help you “Discover India” through its arts and crafts from the comfort of your home. Indian handicrafts are so varied that it is hardly possible to find all items in a traditional shop. At , we make it possible for you to view many of our finest collections and help you choose the right items for your home decoration and gifting needs. Some of our finest collections to name are Tanjore Painting art works, hand crafted bronze artefacts of Dhokra and Bastar, ethnic home décor products, rosewood furnitures and our own brand of fine hand crafted exquisite silver jewellery products.

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